Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Oh em gee, facebook went down

So, I was shutting down my pc for the night yesterday when I was contacted by a friend who informed me that the old favourite social media site facebook was down. Being logged into facebook at that moment, I was surprised. Everything seemed to be working. I tentatively tapped refresh and Lo and behold, it was down. I immediately ran to my source on all things internet and again there were several threads all on how facebook was down. This, it seemed was a global thing.
Now what struck me at this moment was a curious feeling. I suddenly felt very alone. Isolated from a community, so to speak. As older modes of communication sprang into action (msn and steam) I was reminded of earlier years, when this was the only method of communication. It amazed and shocked me of how much we have come to rely on facebook for communication and to a lesser extent,  a sense of identity. I considered the effort I had put into crafting a page tht best sums up myself as an individual, and to lose this felt like losing a book tht I had crafted. It was very curious tht facebook cld create this sort of sensation.
Facebook came back online a few minutes later, and relief came when I cleared my cache and got back on. But I can't help but to think now: Am I addicted?
Probably, but ah well. I'll share this on facebook no doubt, as a final stroke of irony...

Oh and if you're wondering about the appalling spelling in this, I wrote it in my lunch break on a mobile phone, so some abbreviations were used.

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