Friday, 13 January 2017

Untitled Aphorism #2

What do we mean when we talk of the superman? The ubermensch so to speak. Putting aside the frankly ludicrous notion thrust upon us by post world war 2 populism and paranoia of naziism which we must condemn, it is thus: the individual who has risen above philosophy - or more precisely, he who has realised the flaws in the philosophy of the past and moves into the new philosophy.

Fundamental, to me at least, is the recognition that mankind views the universe through his own eyes. That there is an absolute reality is objectively speaking, completely correct. However, the fact that observation is through this jaded mask of experience, culture and pathos, it may incline us to miss the absolute reality of the universe and insert a certain degree of relativistic truth in it's place that would, outwardly, appear as absolute truth.

So how to find the absolute truth - the fabric of reality that is not coloured by experience? Is this even possible to do? First, we must reject all that has gone before, and move ourselves back to first principles. But this has been done before. Ultimately this is self-effacing, as the only reason that one would go back is because of the experience of what has gone before.

So where do we move from here? - This is difficult to say. The truly evolved superman would realise the above and have an idea of where to move next.